Helium Hood Kit: Global Police Investigation

At 07:30 on May 25, 2011, 91 year old Sharlotte Hydorn opened the door of her La Mesa, California home and was confronted by armed federal agents outside.  She was being raided.  Sharlotte’s home business, The GLADD Group, sold exit-kits, which are plastic hoods for self-chosen death by oxygen deprivation with helium.

This is what an “exit-kit” looks like, along with the international customs label “plastic hood.”

The hoods are not difficult to make.  ERGO sells a 10 page supplement to Final Exit on “How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit”  www.finalexit.org/ergo-store    Exit International’s on-line edition of The Peaceful Pill Handbook has a video on how to make one http://www.peacefulpillhandbook.com/

When the FBI raided Sharlotte Hydorn’s home, they took her sewing machine and her computer.  Not long after the raid in May, exit-kit purchasers around the world started to get visits from local police inquiring into their “well-being.”  Police are telling purchasers that they are acting on the request of the FBI and Interpol, to see if they are alright.  Sometimes they demand to take the exit-bag.  Some people have been forcibly taken to a psychiatrist simply for admitting that they purchased the product months or years earlier, to have the option of ending their lives at a later date.

Police visits are reported in throughout the USA, and as far away as New Zealand and Switzerland.   In Canada, there are reports of police visits in Ontario and BC.

In September, police kicked in the door of an Oregon home after misunderstanding an FBI instruction about an exit-kit purchased seven months earlier.  http://www.registerguard.com/web/newslocalnews/26910049-41/kit-police-suicide-springfield-fbi.html.csp

So what’s happening with Sharlotte Hydorn?  She is still waiting to hear what the police might do.  She stopped selling the kits months ago.  A recent San Diego news report says that Sharlotte remains under investigation. http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/oct/07/suicide-kit-lady-remains-in-federal-crosshairs/

Sharlotte Hydorn

(Sharlotte Hydorn, photo by Peggy Peattie)

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